Meet Nikki


Nikki is a Michigan based photographer, who loves the opportunity to travel.  Focusing on weddings and high school seniors, she has photographed everything from maternity to large families.  Her goal is to capture those special “in-between” moments and show a different perspective than most people see.  Nikki’s style lies somewhere between classic and modern, catching the light and emotion.

There is always a new technique to learn or new location to find.  Nikki loves the opportunity to work with so many different clients across the state and country, while providing a fun and personal experience.  You can feel confident letting Nikki help you plan your session, and trust she will capture exactly what you had envisioned.

Life with a husband and 3 girls can be interesting, and dramatic!  We love our horses and most any other furry creature with 4 legs.  My family spends as much time outdoors as possible and are avid hunters.  Documenting life is how I started my photography journey and I’m always trying something new.

I have a slight obsession (ok, maybe I need a 12 step program) with office supplies, and you’ll never find me without a notepad and pen!  Seriously, the amount of writing supplies I have is scary.  I’m a huge list maker and find great satisfaction in crossing things off my To-Do lists.  I love dancing around to some music and need it on in the background to function.  Scary movies and mystery novels keep me well entertained, and I find myself planning my evenings around American Horror Story and Blacklist.  I’m also a big Harry Potter fan much to my children’s dismay.  My fashion consists of jeans, t-shirts and cowboy boots (unless of course I’m photographing your wedding) which is perfect for getting down and dirty to get that perfect shot!  

Have a question for me?  Ask away!